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Proof of Identity
Government issued documentation with your name clearly visible. This can be one of the following:

- Birth Certificate
- Passport or citizenship papers
- Identification card (should have both sides of your ID)
- Driving license
- Marriage certificate (If you have changed your name)
Proof of Address
Recently issued documentation clearly showing your name and current address (a document which hasn’t been submitted for Proof of Identity). As one of the following:

- Utility bill (water, electricity, landline phone bill). Please note that mobile phone bills are not acceptable
- Bank statement, including loan/mortgage statements
- Credit card statement (actual credit card picture is not acceptable)
- Insurance statements

Please note that the name and address must match the information listed in your account, the date of issue should be visible and dated within the past three months.
Proof of Merchandise
This can be one of the following:

- Invoices from suppliers showing supplier's name, contact information, date and invoice number. Invoices must be itemized and include pricing information per item.
- Receipts from retail stores and outlets that include store name, location and contact details.
- Proof of payment for invoices and/or receipts. Proof of payment can be in the form of confirmed wire transfers, credit card receipts, checks, credit card statements, or PayPal Transaction Detail statements.
- Supplier contract
Verified Rights Owner Document (VERO)
Any related VERO documents:

- Counter notice
- VERO claim
- Notice of Claimed Infringement (NOCI)
- Personal Information Agreement (PIA)
Financial Document
- Business financial documents
Compliance Document
- Trademark Registration: Certificate & authorization letter if using other company’s trademarks
- Regulatory certification: such asCE/FCC/RoHS/ Malaysia SSM Certificate
- Value Added Tax number if shipping from the EU to EU customers
Other Document
- Certificate of incorporation
- Business License
- Authorization Letter of Account Operator (Account name and company name must match account information)
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